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Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Chinese Garden of

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The thirteen streets that make up Sydney's Chinatown are a hotspot for tourist exploration. Busy and noisy streets are lined with brightly decorated souvenir shops, street stalls, concrete-floored grocery stores and restaurants serving a wide range of Asian cuisine.

Paddy's Market and the new Market City are mainstays of the Chinatown experience. The bustle and confusion of the Chinese street market dominates the dimly lit interior of Paddy's. In stark contrast, directly above is Market City, with glittering storefronts, shiny tiles and open space. This is a 'New Asia' shopping mall reminiscent of Jakarta and Singapore, where Asian youngsters hang out in the latest fashions and people of all races pick up designer lines and bargain prices. The Asian food court inside Market City has become a big hit, with the 600 seats filled each lunchtime.

The Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden of Friendship, was opened in 1988 and is a Bicentennial gift from Sydney's Chinese sister city, Guangzhou. Designed in the style of a traditional Chinese public garden, the area is an island of tranquility in the busy Darling Harbour area. The ornamentation reflects Chinese heritage and culture and includes a Dragon Wall, a Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance and a Chinese Tea House.

Sydney Landmarks and Districts

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