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Sydney Opera House
The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
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A dramatic setting and stunning architecture make Sydney Opera House instantly recognisable. It is the winner of the Top Ten Construction Achievements of the 20th Century Award, beating an international field of landmark buildings.

Since its opening in 1973, Sydney Opera House has become renowned as a leading centre for the performing arts. It is one of Australia's most visited tourist attractions forming the hub of explorations in the Rocks and Circular Quay. A varied programme of opera, classical and contemporary music, ballet, drama and dance, draws an annual audience of over two million people.

Sydney Opera House Facts

- Performances per year: 3,000
- Yearly audience: 2,000,000
- Number of rooms: 1,000
- Number of roof tiles: 1,000,000

- 1960: Paul Robeson, American actor and singer, sang to construction workers
- 1973: First public performance - The Australian Opera performed Prokofiev's "War And Peace"

Visit the Sydney Opera House web site for information on current performances.

Sydney Opera House Tours

Go behind the scenes at Sydney's most iconic building, the Sydney Opera House, with this guided tour. Explore the many concert halls and the famed grand organ, the largest mechanical organ in the world!

Sydney Landmarks and Districts

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