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Potts Point, Sydney, Australia

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To the southeast of central Sydney, the districts of Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo and Potts Point offer a different atmosphere and character to the visitor. By day Kings Cross has a quaint, village-like atmosphere with flower shops, coffee shops and charming houses on the back streets. By night, the area has many lively bars and clubs and a somewhat seedy reputation.

The Potts Point waterfront is home to interesting streets, piers and wharf buildings. Tthere are several notable attractions in the area, including the Elizabeth Bay House, Australia Museum and El Alamein Fountain. Although a moderate distance from the centre, a walk from here, through the Royal Botanic Gardens and across to the Rocks is an interesting way to see a little of everything.

Landmark Attractions

Australia Museum
- Celebrated collections of cultural and historical exhibits.

Elizabeth Bay House
- Elizabeth Bay House is a superb example of colonial architecture, elegantly furnished to the period of 1839-1845.

- An inner city suburb with restored sandstone cottages and interesting side streets. A walk along Victoria Street and the Butler's Stairs shows off some of the nicest sections.

El Alamein Fountain
- Built in 1961, it commemorates the Australian Army's role in the siege of Tobruk, Libya, and the battle of El Alamein in Egypt during World War II.

Sydney Landmarks and Districts

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